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Build Your Portfolio With API

Aston Crest utilizes Advanced Portfolio Intellect (API) through Solomon API, a leading-edge technology designed to remove emotion from investment decisions. API allows our clients to participate in bull markets while simultaneously reducing potential risk.

Solomon API’s mission is to intelligently grow the investors’ wealth by capitalizing on opportunities in the evolving global equity market. The management team behind the firm has over 50 years of portfolio management experience, expertly positioning them to not only understand global markets, but to connect the dots of opportunity through their proprietary systems.

For more information about Solomon API, click here to visit their website.

The Simplicity of Our System

We start by using a turnkey process:

Step 1

Start Smart

Take your first step to successful investing

Select a cost-effective portfolio, comprised of an appropriate asset allocation that will adhere to your risk tolerance and work to meet your long-term investment goals.

Step 2

Apply Intelligence

Tactical management with Solomon API™

A proprietary Advanced Portfolio Intellect (API), which utilizes quantitative modeling and assimilates and translates global data in real-time.

Step 3

Monitor Performance

Oversee Your Portfolio with API Systems

A leading portfolio tool that works to provide our money managers with signals that assist in providing vital information on our portfolios.


Advancing Efficiencies using Algorithms – Changing Market Dynamics Demand a New Approach to Overcome the Drawbacks of Traditional Asset Management Practice

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Advanced Portfolio Intellect consists of the following key elements:

• Sophisticated Algorithms
• Real-time Quantitative Modeling
• Bull and Bear Market Detection
• Signals and Triggers
• Ability to remain committed to an investment strategy
• Removal of emotion from investment decisions

For more information about Solomon API, click here to visit their website.

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