Retirement Planning for Lockheed Martin Employees

Make the Most of Your Lockheed Martin benefits

Lockheed Martin is known for their long-standing leadership in the aerospace field. As an employee of a company defined by their excellence and precision, your retirement plan deserves the same level of attention to detail.

How We Support Lockheed Martin Employees’ Retirement Plans

• Complimentary first consultation to review your current portfolio
• A thorough understanding of your plan options and limitations
• Wealth management that meets your needs
• Retirement income planning
• Medicare selection
• Credit review and repair
• Investment management and strategies

Tools we use

EMoney is a powerful diagnostic tool that allows you to stay up to date on your financial situation and monitor the progress of each of your investments. EMoney will also provide potential planning ideas and concepts that may be beneficial.

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Riskalyze provides a quantitative measurement of client risk tolerance, allowing your Aston Crest professional to objectively align investment guidance to each client’s individual risk capacity.

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Andrew Scheirer, Ashton Crest Wealth Management and Quility Financial Advisors are not affiliated with or endorsed by Lockheed.

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