Andrew R. Scheirer II, CWS®

CEO & Founder | Certified Wealth Strategist®

Andrew R. Scheirer II is the CEO and Founder of Aston Crest Wealth Management and has over 22 years of financial advisor experience. Specializing in retirement income planning and alternative investments, Andrew utilizes a disciplined and systematic approach to accurately assess the needs of a diverse group of high-net-worth clients and business owners, allowing him to comprehensively manage each client’s wealth in alignment with their personal financial goals and dreams.

Andrew’s background includes working with JP Morgan Chase and Wachovia Securities, and he has earned the designation of Certified Wealth Strategist (CWS®). This certification is issued to financial service wealth management professionals who meet education and work experience eligibility requirements, complete a rigorous eight-month program, pass a certification exam, and complete ongoing continuing education requirements while upholding the ethics and professional conduct standards as set forth by the CWS® Board of Standards.

With a passion for helping clients prepare for and achieve their desired level of financial security, Andrew relies on his considerable professional and personal experiences to ensure the firm’s core focus is client success. In keeping with this focus, Aston Crest has successfully navigated the complexities of wealth management for a variety of high-net-worth clients and businesses.

Among Andrew’s priorities is the time he spends with his wife Brittany, daughter Faith, and son Jackson. He also enjoys training for marathons and triathlons, swimming, golfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and boating. Andrew is proud to be a founding member of the University Club’s Young Executive Society Future Leadership in Action initiative, which mentors underprivileged high school students and helps them secure a college education. Andrew is proud to support his local chapter of Big Brothers/Big Sisters by volunteering as a Big Brother.

Antori Miranda

Vice President

Antori Miranda serves as Vice President for Aston Crest Wealth Management. In this capacity, Antori focuses on organizational growth and strategic engagement. Utilizing his vast experience as a Director of Strategic Initiatives and Senior and Special Advisor, Antori provides directives on business development, strategic planning and growth, and engagement initiatives. As a seasoned and certified subject matter specialist, Antori works directly with clients to create a medical coverage strategy focused on their personal health needs, minimizing financial risk, and recommending a suitable Medicare plan option.

With his diverse background in engagement and planning strategy, Antori brings his extensive experience to his work as a trusted member of Aston Crest. Working hand in hand with each client, he creates an individualized plan that helps protect their current assets while building future wealth through our firm’s full-service management options.

Denise Ericson

Chief Marketing Officer

Denise Ericson serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for Aston Crest Wealth Management. In this position, Denise utilizes her exceptional attention to detail and ability to problem solve to ensure a world-class experience for each client from the very first point of contact.

With more than 30 years of client service and marketing experience, Denise displays an exceptional level of organizational skill and attention to detail in managing Aston Crest’s overall marketing efforts and client interactions. Her career began in the health insurance industry as a Customer Service Manager at BCBS in Washington D.C., and she then moved to a customer service management position at Time Warner Cable in Orlando, Florida. Most recently, Denise was the Director of Client Services and Marketing for a local medical supply distributor, overseeing the development and implementation of marketing strategies through her focus on data analysis, content marketing, and branding.

With her thorough understanding of market development, strategies, and practices, Denise utilizes her strong communication and analytical skills to bring commercial awareness and customer centricity to our overall marketing strategy.

Brittany Scheirer

Director of Operations

Brittany Scheirer serves as Director of Operations for Aston Crest Wealth Management. In this position, Brittany utilizes her exceptional organizational skills to perform a variety of operational activities. Brittany draws energy from being part of the team and is instrumental in building strong relationships with our clients. Her strong analytical background positions her to quickly resolve issues as they arise and provide clients with an expeditious resolution to any problem.

A West Virginia native, Brittany joined Aston Crest with over 15 years of management experience in the hospitality industry.

Barbara Seidenberg

Administrative Assistant

Barbara Seidenberg serves as Administrative Assistant for Aston Crest Wealth Management. In this capacity, Barbara is responsible for handling operations and paperwork for accounts, quickly assisting clients with requests such as providing statements, tax forms, and transferring existing investments.

Barbara’s career has been focused on mastering Scrum methodology in the field of software development. As a Scrum Master, Barbara has achieved the highest level of skill possible to remove obstacles and distractions that may impede team members from achieving their goals. Barbara is an expert at coaching team members, hosting daily stand-up meetings, assisting with product backlog, removing roadblocks, and teaching practices and principles. Barbara brings these impressive skills to managing Aston Crest client accounts, ensuring prompt and impeccable service.

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