Wealth Management

Wealth Management That Meets Your Needs

Are your wealth and assets being properly managed, or are you taking advice from multiple sources and doing the best you can on your own? Proper wealth management creates an investment strategy specifically tailored to your needs and goals, and the Aston Crest team has the expertise to provide services related to leading-edge investment strategies, estate planning, family legacy planning, trust services, and legal planning. We will coordinate with other experts, such as lawyers and accountants, to create a holistic financial plan that considers all your wealth management needs.

Risk Management

• We work with attorneys that help provide legal protection for your financial future
• Security for your loved ones in the event of death, disability, or need for long-term care
• Proper protection for your assets, income, and businesses

Education Planning

• Outlining the opportunity to fund family aspirations
• Tax-efficient methods to accumulate assets for tuition
• Lump-sum or systematic savings plan allowing you to maintain control of your assets

Investment Planning

• Enhancing retirement possibilities by maximizing portfolio risk/return parameters using artificial algorithms
• Highlighting an effective asset allocation across major asset classes
• Addressing available alternatives to mitigate the risks of concentrated positions

Estate Planning

• Conservation and disposition of assets using wills, trusts, and charitable gift strategies
• Peace of mind that your legacy is executed according to your wishes
• Provision of care for surviving and future family members
• Optimization of liquidity strategies
• Life planning via living wills and powers-of-attorney
• Ensuring business continuity

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